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About me

Hi there! I’m Colin Topliffe.

This website is a place to showcase my work as a photographer, blogger, and my professional career.

I’m currently in Ireland working to complete my Bachelor’s of Business with Honours in Marketing. I’m a proud Alumnus of St. Clair College from the Business Administration Marketing and Mechanical Engineering Technician - Industrial.

From the first time I picked up a camera to now, my passion for photography has grown each day. I truly enjoy expressing how I see the world around me through my photography. I strive to take unique shots and use my camera to help you see the world through my lens.

Recently I’ve also started blogging causally. I don’t have a set timeline with it and more or less stick to blogging when I feel inspired to do or if I really want to share something.

I hope you enjoy my content and feel free to contract if you’re interested in my work or you just want to say hello!

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