Photography: The Best of the Best!

Quite a few people have been asking for me which of my photos are my favourites. So in this post I’m going to talk about which ones I love and the story on how captured the photo. So in no particular order, here are my 10 favourite photos I’ve taken so far! Hope you enjoy :)

April 21, 2018_001.jpg

So this photo is of the Detroit skyline at night. I decided i wanted to experiment with night photography so i went out to the river front at midnight and tried to capture what I saw. It actually took me about two hours to take this shot and the amazing part is that I hardy even edited it. This photo is also the first photo of mine I ever printed! So far this is the only photo of mine that people have a printed copy of.

September 22, 2018_019.jpg

I love this photo for how beautiful something so simple as a moss on a birch tree can be. I was walking about Hazelwood Forest when I saw this tree and was inspired for it for some reason. It’s stuff a simple photo and I use this as an example of how something simple can turn out to be a beautiful photo.


So there was no way that this cutie pie wasn’t gonna make it on this list. This is Bentley, my sister Kandis’ dog. She may own him but he’s still the family dog. Bentley is the first of the portrait shots with my 50mm lens. He’s a golden retriever and black lab mix and probably the cutest dog ever. My heart melts every time I see this photo <3

November 22, 2018_DJI_0138.jpg

I love this photo so much. The colours are amazing and it was a ton of fun to take. I’ve taken a ton of photos oh of this part of the lake but I love this one the most. I took this photo with my DJI Mavic Air drone and I couldn’t be happier with it. This was taking in mid November and you can see just how green Ireland still is!

October 30, 2018_IMG_5095 - Copy.jpg

This photo is amazing in so many ways! So I know what you might be thinking, how much editing did I do to this photo? The answer is hardly any. There was a carnival in Belfast so we went to check it out and get some cool photos. the second I this I new I had to capture it. most of the edits were to soften the lights and darken the shadows a bit. All the colour in the photo is exactly what was captured.


Laura was my first model and this photo is my favourite form the shoot but still stands as one of my favourite portrait shots! This photoshoot was a real learning experience for me and I’m so grateful that I was able to work with such an amazing model! The best part is that this was her first time being a model as well but she killed it and we got some amazing pictures out of it! :)

November 23, 2018_IMG_5447.jpg

One of the more recent photos on this list, I love how this one came out! The glow of the moon behind the bell tower and the lights giving the Sligo Cathedral a magical look. Took me a while to nail this photo but I’m glad I took the time!

October 30, 2018_IMG_5126.jpg

This photoshoot was a ton of fun! Well we were at the carnival Emily ended up stealing our friend Miranda’s cotton candy so we could use it as a prop. The colours in this photo blew me away and it turns out that Emily is pretty photogenic, even though she doesn’t believe it.

October 14, 2018_DJI_0083.jpg

Honestly I’m so glad I added my DJI Mavic Air to my equipment. This photo was taking above Glencar. Lake. I love how the clouds cast such amazing shadows over the landscape and the how the sun is beaming down on the mountains!

September 29, 2018_010.jpg

Lastly here is Keith. We went out to Hazelwood so i can show him how beautiful it was there and we ended up doing a photoshoot out there. The area was perfect for some portrait photography. Keith almost fell in the water trying to get this spot. I had to stand in the water to capture it but it was well worth it.