Barcelona - A Quick Review

In this blog I’m going to mostly focus on my thoughts of Barcelona and some of the photos that I took from the trip.

Even though the trip to Barcelona was a short weekend trip, I still had an amazing time and would definitely go back. The was absolutely stunning and the weather was amazing. Now my friends and I did go to Barcelona in early December the temperate was crazy but it was still warm enough for me to be rocking a long sleeve shirt and pants.

The group of people I traveled with, Sam, Emily and Miranda, who by the way I all went to school with back in Canada, had a similar traveling mentality. Our view on traveling was to keep the days open and not to try to schedule every second of the day. Honestly I’m so glad that we took Barcelona on this way because we were able to really get a feel for the city and what it had to offer. We only had four goals which was to find the Tim Hortons, go to the beaches and visit the Bunkers del Carmel and the Basílica

The funny story about the Tim Horton’s that it ended up being right beside the hostel we are were staying. Oh course the Canadian’s would book a hostel right by the Timmies.

Alright so lets get into the photography :)

December 09, 2018 6000 x 4000 IMG_6200.jpg

This photo is one of the best ones that I took. So this photo was taken on the beaches bright and early in the morning. I woke up 6:00 am and walked about 40 mins to get to the beach on time and take some photos. I definitively complained the entire time walking there but it was worth it once I saw the sunrise.

December 07, 2018 4000 x 6000 IMG_5569.jpg

This photo is the beaches during the day. I actually was able to get this gem from up in a tower where you can ride across the harbor and view the ocean and the city from above. Funny thing is I almost missed this shot completely but my friends are pretty great :)

December 08, 2018 4000 x 6000 IMG_6072.jpg

So this is the Basílica in all of it’s uncompleted glory. Honestly was really cool to be able to see this before it was done. The cranes really add an interesting element to the photo. Definitely can’t wait to see this then it’s completed!

December 08, 2018 6000 x 4000 IMG_5931.jpg

So this photo is a view of Barcelona, from the Bunkers del Carmel. I actually found this place from a photographers forum. It was a challenge to climb up but it was so worth it for the views and photos. We definitely spend a few hours up here just relaxing and enjoying the views!

Well that’s really it for our trip! I would recommend Barcelona to anyone who going to Europe and I will be returning to Barcelona for sure in some point of my life!

If you want to check out the rest of the photos from the trip, check them out here!

Thanks a million for reading this! Feel free to leave a comment letting me know thought and let me know if there are any topics you want me to write about!